Användarnamn Lösenord

Impulsia started as a project with Uno Sjostrom and Johan Langquist writing songs first on their own and later as a team! When the first version of "Fly Away" was recorded, the producer Marcus Jidell was playing on that song. Uno & Johan started a project named "Impulsia" and 12 songs were recorded during 2008 and early 2009.

Johan is a former vocalist in the metal band "CANDLEMASS" and Uno had been playing covers for years. Marcus is an established guitar player in bands such as "Evergrey" and "Pain" just to give examples, the trio was complete with vocals from world famous Robin Beck and also PANDORA from Sweden.

The "Impulsia" project is now taking the next step in music and will start recording the follow-up album to "Expressions" called "Impressions"! Based in Stockholm the trio is heading for the world market with the songs written in 1989, 1997 and of course 2008-2011.

Robin Beck (4 tracks) also added her touch and knowledge to get the album to take off with outstanding performance. Johan & Pandora perform on one track together called “Oceans Of Love” Tracks with the cover of Eric Clapton's "Layla" combines the world musician's talented performances to a product named "Expressions".

I am so happy for all the efforts behind this journey from everyone involved to finalize this happening to a downloadable record all over the world! James Christian, Robin Beck, Anneli Pandora Magnusson, Marcel Jacob, Tomas Broman, Victoria Theodore, Marcus Jidell, Pontus Norgren (co-producer & engineering) and Tommy Denander. They are all a part of this wonderful album with music & lyrics from Uno, Johan and Robin. I hope you enjoy listening to the songs as much as we did when we recorded them! We are now in the writing phase and 12 new songs will be ready to be recorded within a few months.

"Impressions" is all about all the feeling you get when people around you, such as listeners, radio stations and people that like what you do, all come together as impressions of love, hope and emotions. The next album will hopefully be out in the store around oct-nov 2011. By until then please enjoy "Expressions" and i hope to see you somewhere out there when we are playing live!! Talk soon. Uno( Project manager IMPULSIA) . Contact person for questions regarding IMPULSIA is Uno Sjostrom cell: +46705989084